Bolt Design Studio

Bolt’s Creative Horizon was envisioned as a project to encapsulate the essence of Bolt, a premier design and branding studio in Folkestone, in the digital realm. Our mission was to create a website that serves as a living portfolio, reflecting Bolt’s innovative solutions and creative prowess in design and branding.


  • Translating Bolt’s dynamic design philosophy and branding expertise into a cohesive and engaging online experience.
  • Showcasing a diverse portfolio in a way that highlights the studio’s breadth of services while maintaining an intuitive user interface.
  • Integrating modern web functionalities that allow for an immersive and interactive exploration of Bolt’s projects and case studies.


  • Implemented a custom-designed website that mirrors Bolt’s creative ethos, with a focus on minimalistic design elements that highlight their portfolio and services.
  • Developed an intuitive portfolio display system, enabling users to filter projects by service type or industry, offering a tailored browsing experience.
  • Incorporated interactive features such as animated transitions, hover effects, and a dynamic case studies section to engage visitors and provide deeper insights into Bolt’s project successes.


  • Following the launch of the new website, Bolt experienced a significant uptick in engagement, with a 40% increase in visitor traffic and a notable rise in inquiries for their design and branding services.
  • The website was praised for its innovative design and ease of navigation, enhancing Bolt’s reputation as a leader in creative solutions.
  • The portfolio and case studies sections, in particular, received acclaim for effectively demonstrating Bolt’s capability to deliver tailored, impactful design and branding strategies.