Ecommerce Development

As the managing partners of our company, we held responsibilities distinct from those of our clients. Ownership involvement brings a unique perspective.

Operating a business in Kosovo presents significant challenges, such as limited payment processor options, the unavailability of PayPal, and lack of support for Instagram and Facebook shops, among other issues. Despite these hurdles, we successfully employed alternative solutions to establish Blini’s e-commerce platform as one of the most robust in the market.

Our e-commerce site is defined by its minimalist design, employing a striking black and white color scheme, complemented by stunning images and exceptional designs. This approach led to the creation of a platform featuring over 2000 manually curated products.

The website’s architecture is centered around collections, each comprising various products. Every product includes detailed descriptions, categories, size and color options, SKU, a review section, and an extensive image gallery, ensuring a comprehensive shopping experience for clients who can easily place and manage orders.

Clients can track and manage their orders through personal accounts. To enhance the user experience beyond what clients and visitors can do independently, we integrated a “Click to chat” widget. This feature enables direct communication with our support team for immediate assistance with inquiries.

Moreover, we’ve introduced a feature allowing visitors to schedule meetings with our designer for both ready-made and custom-made products. Behind the scenes, Blini incorporates a sophisticated CMS, enabling potential wholesale clients to access a private, dedicated wholesale platform within the e-commerce site, accessible through specific credentials.

In the world of Haute Couture, a unique and exceptional User Interface and User Experience are essential. Blini was designed with this in mind, deserving nothing less.